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Vending machines Cofeo Services offers a wide range of vending machines

Our range of vending machines

Cofeo Services offers a complete range of automatic vending machines to suit your needs for hot drinkscold drinks or snacks. We propose a diverse range of solutions: vending machine purchase or leasing and Full Service options, where we take charge of the complete management of the machines. Our operatives provide a complete service, leaving you to make the most of your coffee breaks.

Contact-us and one of our consultants will listen to your needs and help you to make your choice.

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Cofeo is constantly seeking to provide the best possible service, and is thus always looking for the best commercial partners.

We provide "Cashless" payment systems with electronic keys, badges and other card payment systems. The electronic key and badge systems allow you to manage the products in the machines with ease. We can even attribute a specific daily quota of free products to individual badges. Badges can also remember the amount entered into the coin slot as a credit balance, thus being used like an electronic wallet. These electronic keys have a third advantage; their users can benefit from price reductions. The discount provides access to products at a lower price than those indicated on the machine.

Additionally the electronic telemetry systems of our vending machines allow us to monitor product consumption in real-time, consequently we can know when machines need restocking or have broken down. This is a genuine REVOLUTION for you: rapid sales statistics, classed by location and machine, technical support assessments, etc. The advantages are multiple and versatile.