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New technologies Our technicians have extensive experience in their sector and provide top quality service

Our technical service

Cofeo Services has its own technical support service for on-site interventions. We make every effort to ensure that our technicians have received complete and up to date training allowing them to be fully aware of the industry’s latest technical and technological developments.

In the rare case that your vending machine requires repairs in our workshops we will make every effort to provide a replacement machine.

Our technicians have extensive experience in their sector and provide top quality service. They have a large supply of spare parts in their vehicles such that they can deal with most breakdown situations.

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La télémétrie permet d'offrir énormément d'avantage pour la location de distributeurs.

Our ambition is to bring you the most complete "Vending" experience in real time

Telemetry is a revolution that allow us to measure

  • The stock level of all products
  • The cash level
  • The status of the machine

We receive at all time all the information from the machine : 

  • We know, before our customers, if a machine needs a technical follow and so we have the possibility to interact from our side and to resolve most minor technical issues.
  • The technicians and operators routing is dynamic and is in direct relation with the information sent by the vending machines at each time.
  • The operators know which products and which quantity of each product they have to load in their trucks.
  • The technicians are able to proceed more rapidly because they have all tools to resolve the technical problems.

The future is now

Cashless Payments

The customers enjoy to be able to pay with their cards but also with their smartphone for their puchases. With one of this payment solution you can also determine the most adapted payment solutions in relation with the customer's behavior. Your selection will be activated on the payment network.

Products service

All of our products are delivered within 24 hours if they are ordered before 10am.

Our sales service is available to assist and advise you by telephone. Orders can also be made on our website, by fax or by e-mail. Our goal is your comfort. 
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