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Local, unsweetened and Organic products are currently a growth market. Consumers are conscious of global public health and environmental issues. We are constantly expanding our product range.

As part of this responsible approach Cofeo Services has developed its own brand of Organic coffee: Equity by Cofeo.

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Consequently a part of our food and drink product offer now includes organic products.

As well as respecting society and the environment, sustainable development also means that we are not only interested in the social and economic aspects of products but also how they respect ecological issues. Economic, social and ecological expectations are all taken into consideration.

Organic farming is operated on a human scale with seasonal crops, organic fertilisers and local botanical varieties, whilst efficiency, industrial production, pesticides, chemical fertilisers and GMOs dominate “regular” agriculture.

Cofeo Services has been awarded the "Organic" label in compliance with EU regulation n°834/2007 and its applicable rules as well as with all regional statutes relating to Organic production and the use of the "Biogarantie" logo.