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The concept

Our staff can provide Full Service, covering all of your needs. We put automatic hot drink, cold drink or snack vending machines at your disposal. During their frequent visits, our operatives will re-stock and maintain these vending machines. The vending machines are re-stocked depending on product sales, based on the information provided by our telemetry systems that tell us the times, dates and quantities of all sales.

In addition to re-stocking and maintaining the vending machines, our operatives also look after the cash-boxes, which you can also supervise if you wish to.

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The vending machines should be located in frequently used areas and are provided subject to the condition there are sufficient sales to make the concept profitable.

Our automatic vending machines are reliable, easy to use and maintain, their design is both professional and modern and, above all, they are all set-up to meet your specific needs. For hot drinks, we can also adapt the recipes to all tastes, ensuring regular stock levels and a constant flavour. These specific settings are protected.

Any technical repair work is generally completed within 24 hours of your call.

Other advantages :

  • No investment.
  • No stock management.
  • No time wasting.
  • Technical support and vandalism repairs included.
  • Pricing policy fixed by mutual agreement.