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Cofeo Services and Caféquitable, through Oxfam and Fairtrade products, participate in the economic, social and environmental welfare of developing nations.

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As part of this responsible approach Cofeo Services has developed its own brand of Fair-trade coffee: Equity by Cofeo.

We also work in partnership with Oxfam Fairtrade who buy their products directly from small and medium-sized producers in developing countries, paying honest commercial prices.
This honest commercial price is generally higher than the market price and guarantees revenues for these producers that respect their life and work.
Oxfam Fairtrade selects its suppliers in keeping with the following criteria:

  • equitable payment for disadvantaged producers
  • purchases are as direct as possible
  • durable partnerships
  • respect for populations and the environment

Thanks to Oxfam Fairtrade, the producers can invest in:

  • better agricultural practices
  • product development
  • training
  • healthcare
  • housing infrastructure