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Consumable products Our range of products is fully diversified to meet the latest market trends and consumer requirements.

Our products

We are constantly seeking to propose quality products and the market's latest innovations. Cofeo Services provides "classical" products, fair-trade labelled products (by Fairtrade and Oxfam), Organic products which respect ecologically friendly guidelines, and healthy local produce which respect healthy eating habits and local producers.

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Our coffee trademark

Continuing our high quality and responsible product approach, Cofeo Services has developed its own range of coffees, in 4 equally delicate and savoury flavours.

  • Intenso by Cofeo for a round, smooth and fruity aroma
  • Espresso by Cofeo for a strong coffee with a delicate hint of bitterness
  • Equity by Cofeo for an intense coffee that is both Organic and Fair-trade.
  • Déca by Cofeo for a very discreetly caffeinated coffee