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We are privileged

When we turn on a tap, water flows... 
When we are cold we just have to turn up the thermostat... 
We work 8h a day and get paid at the end of the month...

Most people on this planet cannot say the same! On our scale, can we help them, give them a hand?

At Cafequitable, we think so!

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By consuming products, which comply with our quality criteria and are sourced from disadvantaged regions of the world whilst ensuring that profit margins are distributed fairly between all involved parties.

At Cafequitable, we make every effort to encourage fair-trade practices by commercialising food products selected by Oxfam, amongst others, and consequently through the sales of these products to the general public via hot or cold drinks and snacks vending machines.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our extensive experience and flexibility will allow us to respond to all of your queries and/or requirements.